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More Traveling Tips with Kids

My adventures continued as I recently had my family stay from out of town.  My cousin brought her husband and two children to spend time with my three children.  We decided to road trip to The Big Apple!  We were all very excited and headed out early in the morning loading 3 adults and 5 children ranging in ages from 13 to 7 in the mini-van.  As you may recall, I blogged earlier about what to bring with you on a long car trip to both entertain the children and feed them.  Well, my cousin, Kelly was the MOST prepared mom I have ever seen.  She was like SUPERMOM on this adventure.  Kelly made a travel backpack filled with various items such as:

1.  Prepackaged moist hand towels- they looked like washcloths when we opened them.

2.  Tissues

3.  Extra plastic bags- doubled up for sturdiness

4.  Protein granola bars by Nature Valley

5.  An umbrella

6.  Hand sanitizer

Well, the list goes on and I felt like her bag was a never-ending bag of tricks.  All of the items proved to be HIGHLY usable and needed on our trip.

We set out on our adventure and got about a mile from our house when Kelly’s daughter became very sick to her stomach.  She moaned and said, “Mom, this is the worst birthday ever!”  Poor kiddo:-(  SUPERMOM,  Kelly was so prepared that she sprung into action immediately.  She gave her daughter a doubled plastic bag ready to go and she was prepared to clean her up as well.  The good news was that she felt better by the time we reached the city and we could continue to enjoy the rest of our time together.  We visited FAO Schwarz, Toys-R-Us, American Girl and of course touristy places like The Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty.  The moral of this blog is always be prepared.  I am a mom who no longer uses a diaper bag, but from now on I will be using a travel bag!  Don’t we all strive to be SUPERMOMS like Kelly?  Packing a backpack with all of the necessary items needed helps to alleviate any stress that may come with traveling with your children.  Enjoy the rest your your summer and happy travels to you!


-Dennine Leschinsky

M.Ed and Mother of 3

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