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Holiday Traditions

As my children get older the holidays really become a lot more fun.  They are aware of why we celebrate Christmas and they are willing and able to create their list for Santa.  The problem is ….the list never ends and they start creating one in October because they have seen decorations out in all of the stores already.  The economy has put a damper on many families when it comes to holiday shopping.  We have all had to pinch our pennies around the holidays and it seems that every year, there is more and more to buy.

The one tradition we have when creating the Santa list is my children really focus on 3 main gifts that they really, really want.  We explain to them that if baby Jesus received 3 gifts for his birthday, then you should be able to get at least three gifts to celebrate his birthday, too.  This does really help to narrow the list down and if there are extra items they want, Santa may bring them or I divvy up the rest of the list and there are options for family members when they ask what the kids want.    My husband and I usually try to have them write their “official” Santa list closer to Thanksgiving so I can give family ideas when they ask.  What kinds of traditions do you have with your kids?  We would love for you to post on Moms Connect. Please post below by registering and responding below.  Thanks!

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