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Traveling with Your Toddler

As a mother of three, a friend recently asked me for some  tips while traveling with her two year old.  This can be a challenging, yet a fun adventure as a mother.  Here are a few traveling options and ideas below.  Please feel free to share with us some of your tips and adventures while traveling with your children.

Traveling by Car:

1.  Pack a travel bag.  Include quiet toys that your child enjoys such as light up toys, books, Crayola crayons or better yet, Color Wonder products.

2.  Electronics can be a blessing if you have them such as an Ipod Touch or V-Teck, Leap Frog devices.  I tend to use these if boredom sets in and I pull them out as a special treat.

2.  Pack non-messy snacks!  Yes, I did make the mistake of allowing popcorn on our last trip, but never again!  It was everywhere.  Snacks do cut down on the stops needed.  You may even consider packing a small cooler with drinks etc.

3.  Pack a plastic shopping bag or two.  This has come in handy on more than one occasion for motion sickness.  It also works as a garbage bag and believe me, you will need it:-)

Traveling by Plane:

1.  All of the above items can still apply.  The activities and snacks are great for the plane ride and while you wait to load.  I would just hold out on some of your child’s favorite items when they begin to get antsy.

2.  Bring a bottle, sippy cup or even a chewy snack to give your child on take off or landing to avoid your child’s ears from popping.  As adults, we chew gum to aviod ear pain, but for young children, they feel the pain and cry.  (When all else fails….hand out gift cards or buy the people around you beverages so they won’t complain when your child cries:-)

Lastly, relax and  enjoy the trip with your family!  Your child will pick up on your anxiety and stress while you travel so try to stay calm and breath.

Please post your brilliant ideas!  We would love to read them.

Written By:

Dennine Leschinsky M.Ed- Early Interventionist and Mother of Three



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